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Bring your confidence back in your skin and use this helpful mirror cling to help you daily!!

If you are unhappy with your skin, it is likely that you are not doing the proper steps of skin-care. Never forget a step again in your skincare! Put this in your teenagers bathroom to instill skincare at a young age to prevent insecurities with skin! Your skin brings confidence! 


This skin calendar is like no other! It has been curated by an esthetician who passionately believes if you follow these steps properly, you will have a lot more confidence in yourself!


1. Created thoughtfully by an experienced esthetician!

2. Shows a 2-week skin cycle for your skin type and the steps it needs to bring it to a healthy state!

3. Bonus steps, product options, and helpful tips included with purchase carefully put together by an esthetician.

4. Instill skincare in all your family members. especially teenagers, teaching them at a young age how to properly do skincare. 

5. This mirror cling is removable so take it with you anywhere you go, even on vacations! You don't want to skip a day of proper care!


*This is a removeable mirror-cling

SkinCal - Mirror Cling

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